Form 2290 Services

Calculate and pay the Highway Motor Vehicles Tax: will help you calculate and pay the tax payable on automobiles with a Taxable Gross Load of 55,000 pounds or more that were driven on a public highway.

Report Suspended Vehicles:

Report vehicles that are exempt from tax for the current and previous years.

Claim Credit:

Credit can be claimed for cars that have been sold, stolen, or destroyed. You can also request a refund for taxes paid on automobiles that were driven less than the mileage limit. (For farming vehicles, 5,000 miles or fewer is required.)

Form 8849 Services

Claim Credits on Overpaid Amounts: Request a refund of the excise tax you overpaid to the IRS by mistake.

Claim a Refund for Sold, Destroyed, or Stolen Automobiles: Get a refund on any taxes you paid on the vehicles that were sold, stolen, or destroyed.

Request a Refund for Low-Mileage Vehicles: Get a refund for the tax you paid on vehicles that were driven less than the mileage limit (7,500 miles or less for farming vehicles, 5,000 miles or less for logging vehicles).